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She encircles him, animal fucking making him feel smaller by the minute. She stops in front of him and lifts his chin with the handle of the cat of nine tails. She allows him to look into her eyes. "You will lick your Mistress' pussy like a good little puppy, won't you?

"Yes, Mistress!" he says, half horse fucking movies barking

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Chantel undoes the cuffs and women fucking horses movies makes him walk around her room on all fours, head bowed, barking. She pats his head and scratches his ears because he is such a good puppy. Austin is enjoying this embarrassment and can only whimper, as he is lead around the room.

After about a half an bestiality videos vhs hour, she leads him to a blanket that is lying on the floor. Ordering him to SIT, he places his hands between his feet on the floor. Head bowed. "You may now continue to lick my boots, slave.

He slowly moves toward her, like bestiality mpeg a scared little puppy, and begins to lick them. He starts at the ankle and works his way up. She sighs barely able to contain her enjoyment

He continues the painfully zoo sex erotic act until he reaches her inside thigh. He can smell her scent and it seems to be calling is name. He moans, wanting to please his Mistress, as she is pleasuring him. He begs "Mistress may I taste you?"

"You may, if you pant dog fuckers com like the little puppy you are." She tells him wryly. Her excitement is now building from his obedience.

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He begins to lick her clit. She grabs his hair animal fucking and forces him to lick her deeper, further down. He lets out a little whimper, enjoying her torment. She yanks his head back, her juice dripping from his face, and commands him. "TOUCH YOURSELF" Grateful, he begins to stroke his stiff cock. He knows how he can touch himself and still be in control of himself

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She inserts two fingers into her bestiality vhs cunt, puts them to his nose and asks him "If you want more, stroke yourself harder, PUPPY!" His hand moves faster and harder sending a tingling feeling through him. "WHACK" She didn't tell him to cum yet. He bows his head and pleads, "Forgive me Mistress"

She commands him to beastiality mpeg sit back on his ankles. She then ties his hands behind his back again and begins to touch herself. He licks his tongue wishing it were his tongue. She moves closer inserting two fingers inside her cunt. He fights back a moan. "Recline backwards, NOW!" She orders making his cock stand up and lunge at her

He complies almost painfully. She turns from him and slowly backs beast mpegs up to him. He nearly cumms from the mere sight of her pussy juices running down her leg. She grabs his cock and lowers to insert it into her pussy. dog sex stories women fucking big dogs

"GOD YESS " Austin beastality stories screams. Chantel grabs his balls and yells, "behave or you'll regret it". "Oh god help me" comes out of Austin's mouth before he can think. Chantel rises making him lay there in a puddle of her juices; she walks toward her table of provocateurs. She grabs the small rod off the table and a flex ring animal sex sites dogsex

She strolls over to him equipment in hand, Grabs his still animal sex dog video throbbing cock inserts it back inside her dripping cunt and grabs his balls again women having sex with dogs beastiality bbs

Pinching the extra huge horse cocks skin around his scrotum sack, she takes the rod and rams it through the skin. Austin bellowed out, "OH God, sorry Mistress! dogsex stories beastiality mpg

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She then inserts the flex ring, beastality movies pulling it through the rod then pulling the rod out as soon as the ring was through the sac. Chantel locks it closed and starts to ride up and down on his cock. She then starts to rub his sore and swollen balls as she pulls on the ring when she lifts up bestiality passwords dog sex instructions

She tells Austin to scream beastiality text stories her name. "OHHHH MISTRESSSS! dogsex pics animal pornography

She bounces harder. animal sex storys " Say it again!" OOOOOHHHHHH MMIIISSTTTTREEESSSSS!" Faster she bounces. She starts to explode. " Cum for me slave Now!" Chantel says while pulling his sac ring. "OOOOHHHH, YESS MISSTREESSS". He whimpers out. "AAAuuuuggggghhhhh YESSS, SSSlllllaaaaavvvvveeee, AAAAHHHHHHH". Are the only words she can say dog with girl sex dogs fucking women pussys

Chantel falls forward enjoying her orgasm immensely. Austin seeing bestiality chat his mistress satisfied, begins to cum again. dog sex pics

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Monica realizes that she has been touching herself, erotic beastiality stories making herself wet from all the cyber talk. She tells BeatMePlease that she needs some real live sex now. He replies that he lives in Brockley, a small town in Tennessee. Smiling to herself, she tells him to go to the motel on the corner of Laird and Main Street and wait for her there. He happily agrees and he jumps offline. She takes her hand from her juicy cunt and grabs her bag of toys. She disappears into the night to meet another on-line stranger...Angie was sitting in her aunt's front room with Castillo, Ronnie and Sergie. They were all sitting on the same couch. The room was quiet, but Angie had a lot on her mind. Castillo was used to be her sister's boyfriend, but she wanted him. She would have brought when he came over, he ruined that though when he brought all his stupid friends. She didn't really care if Castillo told her sister, she wasn't interested in a relationship with the guy. She just wanted to suck his cock and feel his cum all over her face. Her sister didn't ever let him cum on her face. In fact, she didn't let any guy cum on her face. You were lucky if she let you put your cock in her mouth. But Angie loved the feel of cum all over her face. Every guy she ever fucked would cum all over her face or in her mouth or on her hair. She loved its strong odor and its salty, bitter taste. She loved to touch it and spread it all over her body sex with dog stories

Angie was wearing horse porn a red T-shirt that revealed a lot of her chest and stomach. She was wearing very tight black pants. A necklace was hanging down her shirt. It was a good luck charm that her mother gave to her. She hoped it would bring Castillo's cock to her mouth and his cum all over her face. Her dark blonde her was washed only a half an hour ago, it smelled of strawberries. She loved the way her titties looked with the red shirt. The white of her bra was sticking out of the corner of the shirt. Her blue eyes were locked on the TV, but she didn't see or hear anything that was going on hardcore dog sex

"Why did you tell me to come over absolute beastiality here," Castillo asked. He was tall and muscular. His body was tanned and his black hair was curly. His voice was strong and manly sex with dog wild animal sex

Angie didn't know what to say at first. She was beast pictures thinking up a bunch of crap. Mine as well stick with the truth she decided in the end. Her aunt was gone and this was a perfect opportunity. No time like the present hardcore sex dog woman

"Well, I called you over women animals having sex because..." she lost the right words that a second ago were right on the tip of her tongue sex girl dog

"Well what?" zoo pics Castillo asked. He was eighteen years old and could be impatient at moments of silent wild animal sex women dog fuckers

"Can I suck beastiality movie samples your cock," she asked. Her voice sounded dead serious. "I've always wanted to suck on it, ever since my sister brought you home last year." She waited for a response girl dogsex beastiality mpg

"Are you serious," he asian beastiality asked

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bestiality stories "Um-hum.

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Angie waited for her answer. This time beastiality stories women fucking dogs Castillo was the silent one and Angie was the one growing impatient. She just wanted to unzip his pants and suck on his dick, screw waiting for him to answer. She stayed calm though

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"How about me," Ronnie said. Ronnie was animal sex video sample a black guy who Angie thought was a little cute. Her white complexion got real red when she thought about it. He was skinny eighteen year old, average height and black as sin.

"Yeah," Castillo said. "It isn't fair just to offer me fisting lesbians and horse sex and not my friends. Didn't your mom ever teach you about sharing. The only way you suck my cock is if you suck all of our cocks.

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Angie thought asian bestiality about it. Three cocks was a lot of sucking, but would be fun. All three of them would cum too. She had never sucked off three guys at once. It might be nice

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sucking horse penis "Well?

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"Okay," Angie agreed. "I'll suck all three sex with animal women of your cocks. Undress on here, I'll undress in front of the TV so that all three of you can see me

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She got in front of the TV and took off her bestiality dvd red shirt. She licked her lips and played with titties through her bra. The guys were pulling down their pants and boxers. Their shoes were already off and they didn't bother with their socks. Angie slowly took off her bra and revealed her nice set of tits with their hard red nipples. She got her knees and summoned the men to her

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The cocks were all average length. Ronnie's was mpegs beastiality six and half inches and skinny. Castillo's was seven inches and kind of thick, especially the head, she wondered if her sister liked that thing fucking her asshole and pussy hole. Sergie's was about six inches too, his balls were pretty big though. She watched fascinated as the guys circled around her, their cocks in her face. Sergie was to her right, Ronnie was to her left and Castillo was in the middle

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Angie started licking Castillo's balls while she stroked the other two beastsex zoosex animalsex dogsex horsesex cocks off. Castillo's cock head was poking her eye while she did his nuts. Then evened her face with his cock and start to lick all around it. She sucked it up and down for ten seconds, then turned her face and sucked on Ronnie's black meat. She sucked on his dick for a minute before she went to Sergie. She licked his shaft up and down with her tongue, then took half of his cock in her mouth

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Angie didn't know which zoo pics cock to suck. She'd jerk to off, while sucking one, then go to the next one and keep repeating. Angie took Ronnie's cock and Castillo's cock in her mouth at the same time. Sergie was shoving his cock into her cheek. He was rubbing his pre-cum all over. When she took the two cocks out of her mouth, the guys coated the bottom of her lips and chin with pre-cum

She started a series of fast sucks goat bestiality where each guy got his cock sucked by Angie for ten seconds, she would suck as fast as she was allowed. By the time she was done, every guy got four sucks

"Cum on my face," Angie said. "All of animal sex forum you.

Angie stayed on her knees while sex with animals beastiality the guys took six steps back. They began stroking their cocks. Sergie was moving his hand the fasted. His cock was covered with her saliva and pre-cum. "I'm going to cum," he said. He walked to her