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"Play with your titties, Erin. Show Daddy how you mature tranny lesbians sex horse tease those hard, pink nipples of yours," Ben said

Sighing, Erin's smooth fingers traced the swell of animal porn her breasts, circling lightly as her hips shifted on the bed. "Oh, Daddy, finger me again.

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Reaching between her silky thighs, Ben horse fucking pic post found his little girl's clit, swollen and begging for attention. As he stroked her with his fingers, Erin pinched and rolled her own nipples, squeezing and lifting her tits to show them to the camera.

"Look at you, beastiality vhs videos nasty little girl," Ben muttered through the view finder as his fingers probed her cunt. "Beg to be Daddy's whore.

"Let me be your slut, Daddy," Erin whimpered in beast pictures a little girl voice as she reached for Ben's cock. Wrapping her fingers around his swollen rod, she explored with a naive touch that had Ben aching. "Don't you think it's sexy? You're going to shove this big, hard poker deep inside your little girl's cunt and fuck her brains out with it. Use me, Daddy. Let me be your nasty little whore. I'll do anything you want. Teach me what you like.

Panning down Erin's body, Ben farm sex porno filmed his thick fingers playing in her pussy, slick with cunt juice. Slowly, he stroked the length of her labia, listening to her moans of pleasure before pressing one finger into her tight cunt. Juice drooled out of his daughter's slit, sliding past his finger, between her ass cheeks and onto the sheets. Ben filmed his hand as he slid a second finger and third into her. Erin's moans surged again as he spread his fingers inside her, swirling them around before fucking her as deeply as he could reach

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Ben lifted his wet fingers to his nose, sniffing real beastiality the scent of his daughter on his skin. "Your cunt smells sweet, baby," he said, licking the length of his digits. "It tastes even sweeter. I think the time has come for you to feed Daddy. Spread your legs wide and hold your pussy open for me to taste you.

Placing the camera on the night stand women fucking dog so it faced the action, Ben dropped to his knees beside the bed to stare at the opening of his daughter's hot, wet box stretched wide by her manicured fingers. For a final time, his moral fiber emerged causing his straining cock to dip. "Baby, are you sure you want this?" Ben breathed, staring at the velvety pink petals beckoning him

"Yes, Daddy," horse sex with women Erin moaned. "I want to cum on your face. Make me your whore.

Trailing his fingers goat fuckers slowly up the inside of Erin's thighs, Ben leaned in until he breathed the moist heat rising from her cunt. Unable to hold back any longer, he dragged his tongue up one side of her precious offering, savoring the wine of her innocence. "Has anyone ever eaten you before, princess?" he asked

horse sex "No, Daddy," Erin panted. "Please, Daddy. More.

Ben Harris would be the man to introduce his amsterdam beastiality daughter to the pleasures of oral sex. His cock pulsed with excitement as he traced the outside of her labia with his tongue before dipping between the folds, licking up and down. As Erin's hips began to gyrate, he slowly ate her, feeling the softness of her public hair under his tongue and relishing every slick, satiny inch of baby-soft skin he encountered. Dipping into her slit, he sucked out more of her juices. Hearing a soft, whining moan of need from his baby, Ben licked toward her clit. dog with girl sex

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"Feed it stream beastiality to me, baby. Cum for Daddy," he said, laying his tongue to his daughter's clit for the first time. For a passing moment, Ben wondered how his wife could sleep through the passionate scream Erin gave as he grazed his teeth lightly over the tender bud in his mouth. Moving like lightening to press his hand over the girl's mouth and stifle her cries, Ben growled, "Erin, you've got to keep it down or you'll wake up Mom." dog porn

Moving to the bureau, Ben horse sex thumbnails searched briefly before pulling out a neatly rolled pair of white ankle socks and the red scarf from Erin's cheerleader uniform. "Open your mouth. Daddy's going to gag you so you won't make as much noise." Pressing the ball of socks between her teeth, he secured it, tying the scarf behind her head. "Can you still breath, honey? women dog sex

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"Daddy's going to go back pictures on animal abuse to eating your pussy, princess. You can squirm and try to scream all you want. No one's going to hear you being a nasty little slut, now." With that, Ben dropped to his knees and wrapping his arms around Erin's hips, controlling her movements, and buried his face in her cunt. Eating his daughter's pussy like a man possessed, Ben struggled against her bucking hips and listened to her muffled groans through the sock gag. "That's my little whore," Ben hissed as he rubbed the heavy shadow of chin stubble over Erin's sensitive clit. "Daddy's starting to think his little girl wants it a little rough. how to have sex with a dog horse beastality

Erin moaned beastiality sex stories low in her throat, nodding her head in agreement donkey fuckers sex dog

A slow smile spread across Ben's pictures of sex with animals face as he stared up his daughter's body and reached to close a pert nipple between his thumb and finger. Tonguing her clit, he pinched the nipple hard, rolling it in his fingers as Erin's back and neck arched and she moaned in pleasure sex girl dog sex zoo

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The roll of socks barely contained the sound bestiality erotica stories of Erin's orgasm as her body tensed and her arched back cleared the bed entirely. Ben latched his mouth against her thrashing body, tasting the sweet, white nectar flowing from the recesses of his daughter's cunt. Sucking and lapping and sucking some more, Ben feasted, his hard, red cock straining to find its own release. A long string of precum dripped off the head as Ben reared up and covered his daughter's naked body with his sex with dog

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Using all his restraint, beastiality forums Ben turned to pick up the camcorder again, focusing it down the length of his body onto his painfully swollen cock as the head pressed against the dewy, virgin petals of his daughter's cunt. "Daddy's going to make you a woman, princess. Then Daddy's going to make you his slut. Getting fucked in the cunt is only the beginning, baby." As Ben spoke, he filmed his cock inching deeper into her daughter's body. "I'm going to turn you into a whore and teach you everything you need to know to make a man happy. amateur dog fuckers bestiality taboo forum

Feeling his cock meet the resistance of Erin's beastiality thumbnails maiden head, he panned the camera up to focus on her flushed faced and disheveled hair. "Are you sure you want it rough, baby? animal sex clips lesbain sex dog

Erin moaned blissfully through the petpound sock gag and nodded yes, as she pinched, pulled and twisted her own nipples dog fucking girls dogs fucking women

Pulling out of the soft, bestiality dvds tight tunnel gripping his cock, Ben placed the camera back on the bedside stand. Pressing Erin's knees to her ears, he mounted daughter again. "Welcome to your new life, baby girl," he growled, thrusting hard into the tender body spread open before him. Oblivious to the tears that gathered in the corners of Erin's eyes, Ben rammed home, tearing away his daughter's hymen with a single stroke. Without pausing, he fucked her hard and deep. As Erin began to struggle to meet his thrusts, their union became a frenzied race to climax

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Moaning and thrashing below animal sex chat him, Erin climaxed a second time, the walls of her cunt clenching him strongly, milking his thrusting cock until he felt the cum rising from his balls and racing toward release. With an orgasm so intense it nearly crippled him, Ben spewed multiple shots of thick, ropy cum deep into his daughter's body before collapsing on top of her then rolling breathless to her side

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Reaching behind her head, Erin untied the horse fucking mpegs scarf, spit out the sock gag and cuddled up next to her daddy, putting her head on his shoulder. As her father's abundant cum trickled out of her pussy, she lazily traced the width of Ben's chest with lingering fingers, sighing, "That felt good."AUTHOR'S NOTE: 'The Organisation Ch. I' contains graphic sexual scenes between adults. This story is FICTION. It does NOT depict the relationship between actual living people. It is NOT intended for readers under 18 or those who are easily offended by pornography. It is NOT for the squeamish. If you are UNDER 18, or if you ARE offended by pornography, please DO NOT CONTINUE to read. If material of this nature is illegal in your area and you continue to read it, it is YOUR responsibility

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All rights reserved: Permission mpegs bestiality is hereby given to distribute this story via electronic means only, for non-profit use. This header must remain intact. All rights for this story remain the property of the author

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animal hardcore - Prologue

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I opened the door of farm sex pictures my office on a bright Monday morning at about eight-forty five and crossed to my desk, putting my brief-case on a chair and placing my lap-top on my desk. I went to the large picture window and stood looking out from my vantage point on the twenty-fifth floor at the Dockland vista now undergoing such rapid commercial development. I mused briefly over the last six weeks following my successful take-over of the large Financial Services and Public Relations company of which I was now sole owner and Company Chairman. Although I was interested in business and making money had it's own attractions, the structure of my business afforded me absolute power over the lives of so many people that it gave me great scope for the exercise of my particular talents and interests

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One of my first actions had been to personalise the office asian animal sex changing the previous rather utilitarian fittings. I had replaced the original desk with my own desk and changed all the furniture. Along one wall I now had a large settee in leather with small onyx tables conveniently placed at each end. In front of the settee was a large low onyx coffee-table and on the other side of this, two large leather armchairs. In the corner behind the office door, beside the door to my small en-suite bathroom I had a well stocked cocktail cabinet. Perhaps the biggest change I had made was that beyond the en-suite bathroom I had had a door opened through to what had been the Vice-Chairman's office

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This office I had now converted into a luxurious bedroom horse fucking girl with a large water bed next to a floor-to-ceiling picture window which occupied the full length of one long wall. The wall opposite to the door was fitted with concealed wardrobes the doors of which were mirrors made from slightly smoky glass. The ceiling was covered by a large mirror but this could be concealed by a cover remotely operated from a console in the head of the bed which also allowed me to change the room lighting, close curtains, select music etc

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On the horsesex jpg other side of my office was an office which had been occupied by the Finance Director under the previous administration. I had the building fabric modified so that the external door to the corridor was closed off permanently and a new door put in from my office. This was to be the office for my P.A. and the only entrance to it was now through my large office

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In addition to teen dog sex alterations to the fabric of the office-space as soon as I had taken over the Company I began to restructure the Head Office staff choosing very carefully the personnel. The basis for my choices were not always obvious to outsiders although they were to me as I was putting in place actors and actresses to play out a great drama as I controlled their lives more and more closely with or without their consent. I had taken six weeks to get to know the company without making any changes in key personnel but now I felt that I knew enough about the set-up to begin making my key appointments

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My first appointment was, horse sex women of course, my Personal Assistant. I checked through several applications before I came upon the right combination of qualities for my purposes and worth interviewing and thus I begin the first chapter in my Diary

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Chapter real beastiality 1: Suzanne's Stor

Now that my first series of crucial Board meetings were behind beastiality stories women fucking dogs me I had one or two pressing pieces of business to take care of. Firstly I had to appoint a P.A. to keep my affairs in order during my inevitable absences from the office. My second priority once I was confident that I could leave my Head Office for a few days was to visit my two Associate Companies and to set up two more, one in Edinburgh and one in Cardiff